Synergeist: The Haunted Cubicle

Daniel M.

After Millicent Able died at work, she woke up in her little cubicle torn between two songs that called to her and unable to decide which to choose. Restricted by her ghostly existence, she reaches out to Martin, the quiet co-worker she’d been crushing on in life. Martin thinks the odd things happening at work are just a prank at first but could Millie really still be there? With a chaotic existence haunting Millie, Martin may be her only hope, unless she can discover a way to have a life after death.


An intriguing paranormal read with sci-fi characteristics, “Synergeist: The Haunted Cubicle” explores complex ideas of creation and chaos while using two average company workers, which allows the reader to sympathize with their actions and thoughts, since neither the indecisive Millie or overlooked Martin are perfect. Martin compliments Millie, even though the romance between them is a bit odd and mostly one-sided. The setting of an office is given a lift through Millie’s eyes and the descriptions make the story flow really well and will keep the reader interested. The paranormal aspects will leave the reader either completely confused or struck by their profoundness. Overall, it's an odd book with depth, a hint of romance, and will leave the reader at least somewhat bemused.


Sarah E. Bradley