Flowers and Fangs (Stake & Dust Book 2)

Karen Michelle
New Adult

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  Derek Hayes and his brothers are assigned to hunt, stake and dust a local vampire that has taken out an entire family. They realize the beast has turned a twenty year-old boy and he in turn has infected his current girlfriend, Sloane McBride. They attempt to reach Sloane before the gory fangs of the Nosferatu vampire strikes again. Unfortunately, she has been bitten but her change hasn't begun. Derek is taken aback when he recognizes Sloane as his one major heartthrob from high school that he never quite got over. Time is not on their side - a plan has to be formulated fast to get Sloane to safety and stop the other vampires from getting to her to finish the job of making her one of their own.

Ms. Nutt has created a wild and wicked ride in “Flowers and Fangs”. The character development is outstanding and the depth and emotion she is able to convey makes it easy for readers to quickly get lost in this story. The plot isn't totally unique but it is fast paced and has an even tempo. Although unclear of where and when the story takes place, it develops nicely over time. Perhaps the scene is better set in book one of this series. Reading it first may give readers a better grasp, otherwise this book stands alone. Those who may not be big fans of paranormal and other worldly beings may be surprised by the enjoyment and relationships created in this read.

Viola Robins