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Phantom Heart

WOMEN'S FICTION/CHICK-LIT:  "Phantom Heart" was an emotional journey initially, through the stages of grief after Rachel lost her husband, Luke, suddenly in a tragic accident. Her ache was raw and all consuming.

Cathedral ‘Cat’ McCormick has an unusual gift. She’s a dreamslipper; able to go into the dreams of others. While visiting Miami, she finds herself thrust into a murder investigation when her Uncle is the prime suspect in the murder of his best friend.

Bound by Tears: Cauld Ane Book 6
Tracey Jane

As her graduation approaches, Jesska suffers a great loss. She had so many plans for after her graduation but everything has fallen apart. That is, until King Kasper appears on the scene and tells Jesska that she’s meant to be his mate.

Music teacher Virginia Manning cannot help but think about her dream of becoming a concert clarinetist - a dream that was taken away from her.

Having had enough of relationships with bad boys, Valerie Peters wants to live her life the way she wants and not how a man dictates.