Renovation: Golden Beach #2


Having had enough of relationships with bad boys, Valerie Peters wants to live her life the way she wants and not how a man dictates. While she’s searching for a romantic type who will sweep her off her feet, she finds herself in deep water and is saved by no other than the town’s hottest firefighter. Donovan has had any woman he wants and it’s always been for one night only. This works fine for him until he saves his best friend's sister. That's when it hits him: one night will not be enough with Valerie. He finds himself on the other side of the coin when Valerie refuses to be just another one-night stand and he has to use good ole-fashioned romance to woo her. Will he succeed in romancing Valerie, or will he flame out?

Albeit a typical story of the town bad boy being forced to woo the woman he wants, Kim Loraine has brought together two very different characters. Then, adds in some very sexy and passionate scenes and this will keep the reader not only hot under the collar, but turning the page to see if they will get their happily ever after. The story moves along at a fast pace and the dialogue between the two characters is excellent. Neither of them will back down from any argument which also raises the sexual tension! This is an ideal read for anyone who enjoys a bad boy romance with a hero who has a romantic side and works hard to earn the love of a heroine!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick