Taking a Chance on Love


Music teacher Virginia Manning cannot help but think about her dream of becoming a concert clarinetist - a dream that was taken away from her. When she begins a relationship with football coach Blake Olivier, and their romance becomes a little too real for her, she leaves to embark on her music. At first relieved to have dodged a close call with commitment, Blake realizes that he wants Virginia more than he’s wanted anyone before. He just needs to show her that they can be happy together. Will he succeed? Or are they doomed to never be together?

Virginia is a really nice, very music-orientated woman: strong, yet with the subtle air of vulnerability. When she’s put together with Blake, the passion between the two becomes so electric that it practically bounces off the page. There is a question of will they or won’t they which will have readers turning the page in a desperate bid to see if the two finally get together. There were a few places in this book that dragged a bit and could have moved a little faster. But, overall, the writing keeps the pace without it getting boring or mind numbing. Rachel Jones has put together a great love story which has everything needed to keep readers entertained for hours while praying for that happily ever after! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick