Recent Reviews

STEAMPUNK:  The dystopian world is Altadas. Jake is a smuggler who deals with the procurement and sale of special amulets that prevents women from conceiving. There are no more human births and the child of every woman becomes a demon.

Once Upon a Scandal

Lady Jane Fitzsimmons has been ostracized following the scandal involving her father. Benjamin Alden, Viscount Marworth, befriends Jane following her father’s death only because he has an ulterior motive – to find the papers purportedly stolen by Jane’s father.

For Love & Bourbon

Lucky Fox whiskey is one of the finest in Kentucky. The Brannon family is proud of their Irish family recipe and has created a must-visit destination for whiskey lovers. Ava Brannon is committed to upholding the family tradition and the family name.

Grayson Holmes is member of Britain's MI6 and has landed in Boston to be a guest lecturer for his great uncle's class. He is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes and graciously accepted the invitation to speak.

Next Stop: Nina

NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Nina is the product of a typical middle- American home; she has one older brother and a father with an abusive hand. Getting hit is not an unusual thing in her home. Her escape is dance and art. She's not always the best dancer, but she loves paintings.