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Ashby Harcourt - Lord Ashenhurst, rogue, The Black Unicorn.

After just finding the perfect wedding dress, classical pianist Emma's happiness comes crashing down with a phone call. Believing he's doing the right thing by letting Emma go with no real explanation, Tony leaves not only Emma, but his close-knit Napa Valley family. They all believe he’s decided to live a playboy’s fun life on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

HISTORICAL: Lady Colleen O'Shea and her two younger sisters have become accustomed to the independence their brother Fergus allows them, and they are determined not to lose it by falling into the marriage traps he sets for them.

Personal Assistant Extraordinaire, Juana "Wendy" Avila has fallen for her boss, action superstar Halden Armstrong. When he informs her they will be taking a two-week trip in the Canadian wilderness of Muskoka to view hunting lodges, Wendy sees this as her chance to hook her boss once and for all.

On the way to his new job as deputy sheriff in Pine Grove, Montana, Leland Sommers almost runs over a naked young man. Delivering him to the town’s clinic, he meets the cute and sexy Preserve Director. Haley Fern has only been director and alpha for about a year, and she must keep the new sheriff in the dark about her pack.