Reviews - Historical

A Lyon of Her Own
St. Claire

Alexander Douglas, Earl of Wrotham, is playing cards at the Lyon’s Den when he notices a peculiar young man playing at one of the other tables. The only information he can glean is he is Mr. Paul Smith. Alex is not interested in marrying, but his mother insists he escort her and his sister to a ball. Once there, he cannot take his eyes off the stunning Pricilla Giffard.

Phoebe Whittington, daughter of a wealthy textile merchant with a large dowry, does not prefer the matches her father arranged for her, either to the Marquess of Pickering or the Earl of Collumby, and prefers to try her hand at true love. She hatches a scheme to elope while sending her maid, J’non Butler, on to marry the Marquess in her place.

Keeper of the Gate

Moira MacBeith has lost both her mother and brother, and she’s taken over as the right-hand woman to her father, the chief Iain MacBeith, along with her two sisters. After her father is slain in the battle against Rory MacLeod, everything changes in a heartbeat. A scheme is hatched as no one can know he perished in the battle till they have a plan.

Dorothea Barbant has been kidnapped by Roderick Westinghouse with the assistance of her father, and managed a daring escape in the carriage storage box of Colonel Lionel (Lion) O’Toole and Corporal Blythe. Lion is thought to be illegitimate, and discovers some surprising family secrets from the Earl of Ruthford, his grandfather.

In 1948, after Hitler surrendered, Berlin lay in ruins and Lotte Berger realizes that she has lost everything. Lotte and her mother still manage to find shelter, moving from one broken-down place to another. When Lotte meets Meg, who lets her move into her small apartment, Lotte is happy to finally find a place that she can call home for a while.