Keeper of the Gate


Moira MacBeith has lost both her mother and brother, and she’s taken over as the right-hand woman to her father, the chief Iain MacBeith, along with her two sisters. After her father is slain in the battle against Rory MacLeod, everything changes in a heartbeat. A scheme is hatched as no one can know he perished in the battle till they have a plan. She is the acting chief and has taken an important prisoner from the MacLeod clan, in Rory’s friend, Farlan MacLeod. Moira and Farlan, sworn enemies from birth before meeting each other now have dreams of a destiny together. The war chief, Alasdair, has wedding on his mind with Moira, and once Rory MacLeod learns of Chief Iain MacBeith’s death, he too considers marriage to Moira. Will Moria be able to overcome a lifetime of hate to fulfill her destiny? Or will the needs of the clan come before her own desperate desires?

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on Moria and Farlan. Taught from a young age to hate one another, adding to the fact that Farlan took away her beloved father with the blow that took his life, and that Moira tortures Farlan, they both have a great many things to overcome to even come close to loving each other. Bit by bit they work to overcome the impossible situation and face destiny head on. Some of the language seemed not period appropriate, but the tale is one that drives emotion and cheering for the couple at each hurdle in the road. The characters are well developed and enjoyable, and the passionate, stolen exchanges are a great add to the story. A strong female lead with great supporting characters makes this an enjoyable page turner.

Amy Rubottom