When the Skies Rained Freedom: A gripping historical novel about the Berlin Airlift (Moving Love Stories of WWII Germany)


In 1948, after Hitler surrendered, Berlin lay in ruins and Lotte Berger realizes that she has lost everything. Lotte and her mother still manage to find shelter, moving from one broken-down place to another. When Lotte meets Meg, who lets her move into her small apartment, Lotte is happy to finally find a place that she can call home for a while. Lotte realizes that her joy is short-lived when the Americans find and take over the place. Luckily, a handsome pilot, Mitch Cameron, manages to save Lotte, when she is severely injured. Mitch brings her food, hope and even love. Lotte and Mitch have a passionate affair, but the war is far from over. The fragile love that Mitch and Lotte have for each other cannot withstand a brutal dictator, nor the secrets that both keep from each other.

Annette Oppenlander has written a beautiful, poignant, historical romance that is just so heartrendingly captivating! The epic tale describes the end of World War II, which destroyed many Berliners, and the Berlin airlift. It accurately shows the true human spirit! This sensational story moves from one gripping, touching portrayal of horror, to despair, and a bit of hope, showcasing the harsh reality of what people lived through with amazing realism! The strong, resilient heroine, Lotte, grows throughout the novel, learning from her devastating heartbreak and finding better circumstances, managing difficulties courageously through it all. Mitch is a real American hero and is truly the epitome of a wonderful savior. Readers will appreciate the amazing attention to detail and how eloquently the book is written—while probably having a satisfying cry throughout.

Roslynn Ernst