Reviews - Historical

WESTERN:  Phoebe Hamilton, along with her younger sister Grace, leaves St. Louis in order to escape the nefarious machinations of her uncle, who is suspected of being involved in the death of her father.

Claudia Akford’s only desire is to live quietly and be accepted back into the fold of the ton.  After her reputation was ruined by her scheming deceased husband, Claudia is not so sure she can weather the

Muriel Draper and her brother Isaac are thrown out of their house by the Clothmaker’s Guild after their father is killed peddling his goods in a different town.

Dark Season

Ella Arlington has been told her entire life that her epilepsy is a taint in her blood and will prevent her from ever having a normal life.

The Duke’s Last Hunt
Rosanne E.

After three seasons, Eliza Malcolm despairs of finding a husband.