Highland Hope (Wild Thistle Trilogy Book 1)


Hope MacAlister lost her father ten years ago and now her mother has gone to join him. As laird of the clan, Hope has only one thing on her mind, her father’s last words to her: “Through Hope, Faith, and Honor, ye can rule.” Unfortunately her father also wanted her to wed in order to keep the lairdship. Some of the council members that had advised her father and then her mother, would like nothing more than to see her stripped of the lairdship. When they contact Aidan MacKerry, they promise him the lairdship and more. Aiden comes to Wild Thistle Keep in order to claim his birthright but he doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman as laird. He also doesn’t expect to fall in love with Hope. When everyone’s secrets are finally revealed will Aiden and Hope be able to overcome the chasm that threatens to keep them apart? 


Madelyn Hill has begun a historical romantic series that, while based on a time-worn plot, offers a slightly different spin. Her characters are interesting but readers might find that they lack true depth. Although grammatically well written, there are passages in the story that do not fit the time period. Avid fans of historical romances may find “Highland Hope” either a delightfully new story or a start of what could be a good series if the details of the time period are carefully regarded. Many readers will look forward to the second book in the series of the “Wild Thistle Trilogy”.

Mary-Nancy Smith