Ivar the Red (The Wolves of Brittany #2)


VIKING/MEDIEVAL:  On the road to civilization there was a battle for Brittany. Ivar the Red is filled with conviction that he will conquer the land and the heart of Lady Emma Quimper. While Emma is betrothed to a smelly, evil little lord, she defies her father’s wishes. Her agony over the matter is interrupted when Norsemen attack her village. After her father falls in battle, she picks up a sword prepared to defend her home and her virtue. The man who walks through her front door is not a heathen, but instead, an honorable warrior who’s not sure what to do with the fiery lady holding a knife to his throat.


Adventure and love churn this historical novel into a gripping read! Ms. Vane covers each page with character, setting and plot. A woman would be so lucky to have a handsome but rugged warrior like Ivar step across her threshold. The ingredients for love kindle immediately, and resistance builds the tension. “Ivar the Red” is a relatively short story with a large cast and subplots that overburden the novella slightly, but battles and bad guys are swept aside for a happy ending. 

For a bus-ride read, this story is bursting at the seams and worthy of attention.

Sloane Austen