Reviews - Historical

Nicholas, being the eldest, is forced to marry a woman of a certain stature: with a certain aristocratic background and a certain wealth to her name. Yet, his future turns dire when he’s kidnapped and wakes up on board of a Portuguese slaver. Luckily, he soon finds an ally there: Alexandra Sutherland.

Although slavery has been abolished, Soleil Dufor and her daughter Hope run for their lives from James Williams, their former slave master and a tyrant. Fate shines a light upon them when they run right into Alex Cummings. He has been searching for Soleil since her abduction 6 years before.

Raised in an unhappy home, Lady Helen Sutherland learned that survival depends upon keeping her father happy. When she’s forced into a betrothal with a man known for killing his wives, she summons the courage to run away from home, seeking sanctuary with her best friend at the rival clan of McKay.

Zee (short for Zerelda, named after her aunt) is working alongside her parents at a boardinghouse. The family is living during a difficult war-torn time. The South has been hit hard, and Zee has two cousins: Jesse and Frank, who  have been fighting for the South. When Jesse is brought to the boardinghouse with barely a breath of life left in him, iIt’s up to Zee to nurse him back to health.

Mariah Travers is nearing thirty years old and destined to life as a spinster. After being jilted years earlier, she has lost faith in finding love — that is, until her father finds her a husband nearly twice her age. Lord Peter deVere may be a little older, but he is in great health. He is also desperate for an heir so his malevolent nephew, William, does not inherit his estate.