Rhapsody and Rebellion: Once Upon A Widow (Book 3)


REGENCY:  Gideon of Clan McNaughton, Earl of Stanfeld, has a problem — his mother. He loves her, dotes on her, and has promised to love and respect her as all good sons should, but not all sons have mothers claiming prophetic visions and dreams.  Her dreams may just shatter his dreams of an entirely different sort.  His plans are set aside to honor his mother. Gideon escorts her back to her homeland, little aware the omens that drove them away from England may actually be fate’s way of making all of Gideon’s dreams come true.  

Alisabeth, a Scottish debutante, betrothed to her best friend from infancy, knows about love and faithfulness, and the security of a best friend’s (now husband) kiss. Everything she knows about love and passion is upended when she is widowed in a tragic accident. Her late husband’s cousin first unwittingly and then unflinchingly stirs within her an emotion she has never experienced.   However, in the wake of treason and rebellion, love’s choice may inevitably break someone’s heart.

Aubrey Wynne’s epic historical romance bedazzles as much as it leaves the reader breathless! Her intricate details lavish the reader with picturesque landscapes, scrumptious dialogue, leaving nothing too small to define.  The story however does not overplay the settings, being mindful of its main characters’ nuances, while providing interesting and empathetic secondary characters as well. Nothing is neglected in this charming, albeit formulaic romance.  “Rhapsody and Rebellion” promises to delight all of Ms. Wynne’s fans, and is certain to gain her many more faithful followers!

Kimberly Gunvaldson