The Mountain Dark (The Executioner Knights)

Le Veque

When William Marshal tasks his knights, Kress de Rhydian, and his men, to escort Cadelyn d’Aubigney to her betrothed, they suspect it will be an easy assignment. They have no idea Kress will fall in love with the maiden. Nor do they know there is a plot afoot to take Cadelyn away following her marriage to use her to stoke the fires of a rebellion led by Nesta, the mother Cadelyn has believed to be long dead. Cadelyn has no desire to wed Tatius but is content to sell her naughty poetry under the guise of prayer cards. She sees no man in her future until she is almost trampled by Samson, the horse of the handsome Kress. For her, it is love at first sight. Will Kress deliver the luscious Cadelyn to Tatius? Or will he find a way to run away with her?

“The Mountain Dark” is a tale of knights with a sense of humor who are still honor-bound when it comes to their quest. The main characters, Kress and Cadelyn, are very expressive with depth, flaws and virtues. Secondary characters such as the three other knights are equally well-drawn characters, with Achilles having his own story beginning in this tale. There is constant action throughout this wonderful story, with never a dull moment. Hardships encountered while on the journey make the saga even more realistic as the entourage struggles to arrive at The Paladin. Kathryn LeVeque mesmerizes her readers by transporting them to an ancient time with several twists thrown in for good measure, making “The Mountain Dark” even more remarkable!

Belinda Wilson