Reviews - Historical

When relics expert Andrea Ricard meets Donald Eden, there is an instant attraction on both sides. She also meets his two brothers and their wives. Charlotte, one of the sisters-in-law, possesses some holy relics from the crusades. Before he died, her father, Maurice, promised to get the relics to the families of the fallen soldiers.

Kristine has loved Brodie for as long as she can remember, but Brodie only sees her as a close friend that he can confide in. When Brodie goes away on family business for several months, he returns and notices a different Kristine, one that has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Hattie lost her parents at a young age and went to live with an aunt and uncle. She fell in love with a much older man who was never going to marry her. Her reputation was ruined because of the affair, and she ran away to start a new life. She is proud of the Millinery business that she started from scratch, and has no room in her life for romance.

Faking the loss of her virtue to a visiting scoundrel, Isobella uses her trick to escape France and voyage to Scotland on a treasure hunt! Laird Malcolm MacLauchlin is shocked when her incoming ship sails past his home and is set upon by pirates. When he and a few clansmen set out on a rescue mission, they find themselves embroiled in Isobella’s hunt.

Willa "Wills" has worked as a physician's assistant on English Navy ships alongside her father all her life, disguised as a young man! After her father’s death, Cullen MacLeod is assigned to serve as the replacement physician. Their initial meeting starts off rocky as he has no clue the sullen lad working as his assistant and his on-board roommate is actually a young woman.