Reviews - Historical

Viscount William Chattsworth is invited to come to London by his cousin, the Duke of Wyndmere. When William gets to London, he meets Lady Calliope Harrington. William feels attraction to Calliope, but discovering she is poor he ignores it. When William asks the duke for money to help save his home, the duke refuses because he lied about his situation.

Society takes an intelligent girl and hides her smarts away from the world, but Lady Shannon O'Shea wants to walk in the sun... or at least expand her brewery business. Lord Colin Crenshaw also wants to go against society's norms for idle earls. Now don't get it twisted, he still wants to have fun; just after the working day is done.

Wendy’s Pirates

Traveling home from London, Wendy Darling has a chance encounter with a dashingly handsome naval officer that leads both into each other’s company repeatedly.  As kind and chivalrous as Captain John Hooke is, however, Wendy refuses to be charmed.  Wendy’s secrets and broken heart demand that she stay very far away from any naval man, and most especially one who seems to be the answer to her dre

Shelene Hightower would love nothing more than to be able to spend the rest of her days with Roman Forrester, a spy for the Crown of England. Refusing to live the same lonely life her mother did, Shelene refused Roman’s proposal when they were younger.

Snowdrop Cookie Wishes
NOVELLA: A year after the Black plague devastates her 16th century village, Lissi Johansen finds herself longing for the cheer and hope of Christmases past. With so much of her family and village devastated by the sickness, finding peace and hope is a struggle.