Reviews - Historical

As an Executioner Knight and son of the most powerful knight in England, Peter de Lohr is expected to make an advantageous marriage despite his illegitimate birth. After a chance meeting with Liora bat Thad, the Jewess daughter of the king’s favored jeweler, Peter can think of marriage to no one else.

Beverielle has poor beginnings as the daughter of a tavern wench. When her mother dies, she is sent off to a priory until she is rescued by Lady Isabella. She learns she is the bastard daughter of Duke Philip of Burgundy, and she is to live in the castle. Once there, Roidh Keegan, a Scotsman, catches her eye, but she is married off to a mean Italian who treats her brutally.

The Ice Duchess

Georgiana, the “Ice Countess” is the widow of the Earl of Winterbourne. He was much older than she and abusive. As a result, Georgiana vows to never wed again. She founds the “Duchess Society,” an elite group of debutantes who are tutored about marriage and survival. It is said she has no emotions, but the truth is she keeps them to herself.

There is nothing more annoying than men who only see a dowry instead of the woman. Lady Clara Grammont is weary of the aristocratic society. Lady Clara, her mother, and her step-father return to their old home to bury the harsh feelings that occurred there. There are several other guests at the estate and many are of polite society, except for John Smith.

Jonathan Sutton had never planned on becoming the Duke of Blackmore since it had always been his twin brother, Archer’s, rite of passage. Unfortunately, Archer and the current duke pass away, one after the other, making Jon the new Duke of Blackmore. Jon pledges to live this life for Archer and himself by acting as one of the leading rakes in London, constantly bending rules and bedding women.