An Amiable Alliance (Lords & Ladies of Mayfair, Book 4)


Lady Esther Harington is determined not to marry the lord her father and stepfather have arranged for her. A chance encounter with Samuel Moore, barrister and eldest son of a viscount, offers her a way out. By giving the appearance of a courtship, Lady Esther can use the Season to find the man she can love, while Samuel can show the woman who spurned him that he is over her. As the two forge a friendship, events heat up around them to test emotional boundaries and to try to separate them. Yet, when danger touches Esther’s family, will the two realize that the love they have is once in a lifetime?

“An Amiable Alliance” is a sweet, charming tale that will make readers laugh, smile, and sigh in delight! Lady Esther is compassionate and kind with a depth that gives her character. Samuel stands out for his commitment to his work as a barrister and his desire to make lives better. The two make a perfect match and it is a joy to watch them find their way to one another. The secondary characters add unexpected humor, while Lady Esther’s relationship with her stepmother nicely avoids the cliché to show growth over the course of the story. At times, the language feels rather modern as do some of the interactions with the servants. However, “An Amiable Alliance” is a book that readers will not want to put down because Lady Esther and Samuel are a couple who will capture readers’ imaginations from page one and will sweep them up in a story of love and happily ever after!

Tricia Hill