Reviews - Historical

ANCIENT:  Preferring shooting her bow and being outside, Aislin Mac Cecht refuses to marry. A husband and children would only tie her down. Her family, on the other hand, want nothing more than for her to settle down and start a family. But she's far too wild. Alaster Mac Murray prefers to spend his nights with more than one woman.

Leader of the Titans
Le Veque

This story is set in medieval England. The king banishes his youngest son, Constantine, who becomes a legendary leader of pirates. His best men are former knights, and now they travel the seas together as the famous Pirates of Britannia. But there are those close to the reigning king who want Constantine dead.

Durable “Able” Six is a Sailing Master with the Royal Navy—and a genius—in a time when few people understand or appreciate one. England, in 1803, only appreciates pedigree and money. Able has none.

Winning Violet

Parker Sinclair, an American, is on a very important mission. He has been sent to England to meet Mr. Wilson, who will help him pick flowers for Thomas Jefferson’s supposed garden. Parker is none too thrilled to be doing this because he hates England, but begrudgingly, he goes anyway. The journey, however, is not what he expects.

His Highland Bride

Elizabeth Rose is the eldest daughter of three but has yet to marry. With the death of her mother and her father’s lack of a chatelaine, she has been forced to run the keep by herself, missing out on a proposal from a man she wished to wed.