For the Love of Laura Beth: A Chicago Christmas #4


Joe always looks out for Laura Beth. He doesn’t notice her as a young woman until Roger Willard buys her a soda. From then on, Laura is Joe’s girl. They plan to marry after Joe graduates from college, but his junior year, his mother, Dixie, gets sick with cancer and the money for school is spent on medical bills. Joe must work for a year to earn money to complete college. But before that happens, war breaks out in Korea and he is drafted. Bereft, the young people change their life plans again. Joe goes off to war and the longest wait of a lifetime begins. Will Joe come back to her from Korea? 

A box of tissues is essential when reading “For the Love of Laura Beth”. So many emotions are involved in this novel! The reader remains engaged through the times of happiness and great tragedy this young couple experiences within the space of approximately fourteen years. Both characters have parents who are active in the story and are well-written. Through Dixie, Joe’s mother, we learn to understand and like Glenn, Laura’s father. Dixie is the voice of reason, even after she passes on. We see all the characters evolve during the novel, growing and blossoming, including the parents, as they learn to accept difficult circumstances. Disappointing though is the last thirteen percent of the novel is advertising for the author’s other works. Ms. Wynne’s work speaks for itself. “For the Love of Laura” is a beautiful love story that gives the good with the ugly and is very realistic in its presentation!

Belinda Wilson