Three Masks and a Marquess: A Steamy Regency Romance (Parvenues & Paramours, Book 3)


REGENCY:  Rosamond is leaving a place she thought safe to seek safe haven from her cousin, Peter, who is her guardian. Peter is trying to kill Rosamond because he manages her trust and when she dies, he inherits the trust. She has taken on several identities. Now Rosamond decides to masquerade as a man while she hides until her next birthday when she comes of age and inherits. The Duke of Rutherford is looking for Rosamond and asks his friend Frobisher, the Marquess of Fenimore to find her. Frobisher is looking for a hermit to deposit on his property. Rosamond, as Mr. Hatch, applies for the position of hermit and gets it. Thus Rosamund is right under the nose of her seeker. Will she be able to pull off this deception until she comes of age? Will Frobisher finally see her for the woman she is?

“Three Masks and a Marquess” is a comedic story with several storylines running simultaneously. Peter keeps readers on the edge of their seats because one never knows when he will crop up, adding a constant element of danger to keep the story fresh. Ms. Candle confuses the reader when she changes the name of the lawyer, Borland, to Borden, then Bolden. Later there is an aside which is not appropriate in a Regency novel. The epilogue is not included in the novel, but Ms. Candle suggests the reader sign up for her Reader’s Group in order to read it for free. The cat and mouse scenes between Rosamond as Mr. Hatch and Frobisher are charming. A truly unique novel, it is one of a kind! 

Belinda Wilson