Reviews - Historical

Spring in Hyde Park (Anthology)
Jennifer Moore, G.G. Vandagriff,
Nichole Van

Three lovely regency stories: “A Happy Accident”, “Disdainful Duke” and “An Invisible Heiress”, are set in the spring and bring the heart to bloom.

Marked by Honor

After losing both her mother and grandfather on the same day, Lady Beatrice Bordel is forced to visit her grandfather’s closest friend in order to persuade him to let her live in his household.

WESTERN/ACTION ADVENTURE:  Sixteen year-old Nel Higgins is the daughter of an abusive and demented Lutheran minister.

Beauty and the Beast

FAIRYTALE:  Once upon a time there was a cruel young Prince named Leopold.

Across the Red
Ken Famer,
Buck Stienke

Bodie is a Texas Ranger whose area is being plagued by a violent gang of rustlers who have no problems killing anyone in their way, including Bodie’s young apprentice.