Reviews - Historical

Nelle Thompson grew up a pampered, only child of New York City aristocrats - until the night her parents were killed in a terrible accident.  With a year to go before she can claim her trust, she must liv

WESTERN:  Ellie Wilder is determined to reunite her family.  Taking a chance, she whisks her sister along with her to find their father in the fa

Come along on the adventures of Charlotte Hill, the prim daughter of Colonel Hill, commander at Fort Hill. Upon meeting an ill highlander in the surgery, where she assists army physician, Dr.

A Midwinter Ball
Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon,
Michele Paige Holmes

Much Ado About Dancing – With a reputation for an inordinate amount of marriage announcements as its result, the party at Dance Hall is the most anticipated event of the year.

Hearts Aflame
Nancy Morse, Anna Markland,
Jill Hughey, Catherine Kean

ANTHOLOGY:  “Hearts Aflame” is a compilation by four accomplished authors, each of whom brings something unique to the set. The books are centered on a bloodstone that is engraved with the passage, "Whoever inherits the stone will be consumed by fire". Jilly Hughey begins the compilation with “Rowan’s Legacy” set in Paris, 861 AD.