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Lucas Bywood is in Europe on his Grand Tour when his father orders him home to Bywood Hall. When he gets there, things are in turmoil. His mother is ill after taking a spill from her horse, his younger sister is betrothed and his oldest brother is married to a woman that no one really likes. Most importantly, Lucas has been promised by his father to marry a young lady that he cannot stand!

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Alexia “Lex” Martinez dreams of a mysterious man known only as Midnight. When she meets Devon Waters, he seems familiar — could he be the Midnight man in her dreams? Alexia feels as if she knows him, but he can’t seem to stand being around her.  Devon believes that Alexia is evil, a hated Skrom.

Reporter Lauren Reynolds, bored of doing human-interest pieces for Tulsa One News, yearns to chase tornadoes.  When one of her much-beloved high school teachers passes away, Lauren knows she has to go to the funeral back in her hometown of Sunset Plains.  Of course, the town holds some terrible memories for Lauren — not only is it where her parents died in a tornado, but it is also the home of

Slade Crawford is a hero who served his country for twenty-four years. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, he finds himself a fugitive in his own country and flees the US for the wilds of Africa for a chance at a new life.

Bruno Johnson has been a cop, a convict, and a fugitive. Now hidden away in paradise with his pregnant wife, Marie, and his family of rescued children, life is good — until one of their kids is attacked right under their noses. The international outlaw motorcycle gang, Sons of Satan, want Bruno dead. Throwing caution to the wind Bruno plans to return to the USA to settle this once and for all.