Not My Idea (A Gentleman of Misfortune #1)


Lucas Bywood is in Europe on his Grand Tour when his father orders him home to Bywood Hall. When he gets there, things are in turmoil. His mother is ill after taking a spill from her horse, his younger sister is betrothed and his oldest brother is married to a woman that no one really likes. Most importantly, Lucas has been promised by his father to marry a young lady that he cannot stand! Lucas has known Phoebe Ramsey since they were children and they have never gotten along.   Even as an adult, he can barely tolerate her, and he does not know what to do about the marriage arrangement. When his best friend Miles Russell comes to stay things get even more complicated. This entire situation is very definitely not Lucas' idea. 

This clean regency romance stands out from the pack with its perspective — the tale is told entirely from Lucas' point of view. Of course, the other characters (and even his betrothed, Phoebe) have reactions to Lucas as a person, but the story mainly revolves around him. Lucas returns home to a mess, and his attempts to avoid problems by running away from them don't help.  Readers know he needs to face these issues instead. Lucas acts much younger than his stated age of 22, which makes it difficult to connect with him. Still, the reader will sympathize with his plight, and wonder how he will manage to get out of this betrothal. "Not My Idea" is a charming regency romance, and amusing beginning to a promising series. 

Roslynn Ernst