The Vanquished: A Bruno Johnson Novel


Bruno Johnson has been a cop, a convict, and a fugitive. Now hidden away in paradise with his pregnant wife, Marie, and his family of rescued children, life is good — until one of their kids is attacked right under their noses. The international outlaw motorcycle gang, Sons of Satan, want Bruno dead. Throwing caution to the wind Bruno plans to return to the USA to settle this once and for all. A bizarre phone call from his former partner, Sonja Kowalski, delivers a cryptic message and brings all of his past transgressions to the fore. 

David Putnam knows how to weave an action-packed thriller that will leave readers clinging to the edge of their seats! An incredibly complex cast of characters intertwines in an intricately developed story that delivers adventure from start to finish. The fine dance between past and present becomes a little convoluted, but not enough to overly detract from the author’s chosen direction. Bruno Johnson is a character worthy of his own series. While the story can stand alone, it would be beneficial to read the previous novels in the collection. It never hurts to know a character completely. A thriller with a delicate game of cat chases mouse, “The Vanquished” is worthy of the big screen. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto