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PARANORMAL:  Jessie is just an ordinary anime-comic-book loving teenage girl. When she meets Gary, she feels a kinship and forms a quick friendship with him. Gary happens to have some information about  her “crush”—the guy likes redheads. So, Jessie dyes her hair thinking nothing of it. Unfortunately, the dye turns her hair a bright flaming red.

Julianna Feathers escapes her madman of a husband because of his death and attempts to find the one man she has always loved, William Stone. With this unexpected chance, Julianna leaves to create a new life for herself, traveling to Lismoor to finally find William. But, when Julianna gets there, she meets Nicholas MacPherson, the earl of Rothbury.

PARANORMAL:  A little town in Washington State, Enumclaw is home to Hedy Leckermaul who owns a bakery that creates strange confections. Hedy plays host to a collection of animals, a ghost and offers her home to any supernatural creatures who require a place to stay. Which means the bakery usually has an interesting host of characters staying at it.

Lily and her husband, Alfred, head out west after the family fortune is lost. While on their way to their new beginning, they are set upon by Indians, and Alfred is killed. Lily is taken hostage then sold to a Lakota Tribe. Lakota warrior Tahatan refused to take another wife after his previous one passed away. When he is forced to marry Lily, she fights against him at every opportunity.

The Gift

Jamie is attempting to start her life over again following her divorce. At thirty-one, she believes her dream has been lost. She just wants to find a quiet place to deal with her pain. However, quiet is not what she gets from musician Will Montgomery who is Jamie's upstairs neighbor.