Raven’s Edge (The Raven Tales #3)

J. B.

MYSTERY: Bram Farrell, also known as The Raven, is a private investigator who specializes in Otherworlder crimes and punishment. He is looking for time to settle down after his last adventure. He only wants to relax and spend time with his girlfriend, Naomie, who just so happens to also be his secretary. When Bram unexpectedly meets Danu, an Irish goddess, she requests his help in finding the ancient Tuatha blade, which she desperately needs returned to her before it falls into the wrong hands. With Bram now on the hunt for the blade, he is tasked with tracking down all kinds of creatures, while still trying to keep himself and Naomie safe.

“Raven’s Edge” is an Irish-themed urban fantasy that is full of supernatural creatures. There is decent character development, but it would be interesting to learn more about the side characters, especially Naomie, as she plays such a significant role in Bram’s life. Ms. Dane does a good job of keeping this book filled with humor, including some very witty banter between the characters. The plot moves rather quickly, and the Irish elements in the story are skillfully written. The world-building is also done well. However, the story is a bit difficult to follow at times. While the story itself is interesting and compelling, getting lost in the cacophony of characters and events that occur makes this story a little intimidating to read. For readers who enjoy an immersive story about Otherwordly creatures, an abundance of quirky characters, and comedic dialogue, this may be just the right book.

Jennifer Shepherd