Dark Wine at the Grave (A Hill Vampire Novel, Book 7)


Just when things seem to be settling down on The Hill, things once again take a turn as Henry has doubts about becoming a father to Christine, the attorney the town has asked Henry to turn, knowing he’s suffering from Fang Fever. He is concerned about the ties he will share with her, the responsibilities it will place on his shoulders, and the strain it could place upon his relationship with his fiancée, Cerissa. Cerissa is supportive of Henry and tries to help however she can. However, when Cerissa is accused of a terrible crime and evidence mounts against her, the approval she was waiting for from the council for her clone blood business to progress is on the rocks, and her very life may be in jeopardy.

This installment of the Hill Vampires series picks up soon after the last one finishes and takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride from the get-go! Fans of the series will enjoy watching Henry and Cerissa’s relationship progress once again, with the addition of Henry’s ‘child’. Their trademark humor and chemistry is delightful. Other favorite characters from the series reappear in this fast-paced tale, adding enjoyment. Those new to the series may not understand some things simply because they are not well versed in all of the minutia of The Hill, nevertheless, this shouldn’t cause any issues. The major whodunit element will have the reader glued to the pages, following closely on the police chief’s heels as she tries to solve the crime implicating Cerissa. “Dark Wine at the Grave” is a marvelous addition to the Hill Vampires series. Not to be missed!

Piper Valentine