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Thundered Hearts
Rae Z.

MYSTERY:  Bethany Ann McCallister is a Creek Indian Spirit Walker enmeshed in a world of Indian folklore and kept imprisoned by lies created by her family.

MEDIEVAL:  Gilda Macrory, while trespassing on Macraig land, encounters a young man by the name of Ryan who captures her heart. When she discovers Ryan is not only from her clan’s sworn enemy but is also the son of Laird Macraig, her dreams are shattered.

Loni Mele, a night-school teacher at a community college, encounters a stranger in the parking lot after class one night, who supposedly needs help jump-starting his car.

Voices Echo (Voices #3)
Linda Lee

MYSTERY:  When Rhiannon Ross married her husband Albert, she never thought he would leave her shortly afterward for his plantation in the West Indies. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she devises a plan to secure her own financial independence.

FOLKLORE:  Victoria Storm is trying desperately to keep her pack of werewolves from becoming extinct. Not an easy task when she must fight hunters at every turn, especially when the ones she is fighting are the family of her deceased lover.