The False Titanbringer: Complete Trilogy (Breath of the Titans #1-3)

Riley and Sara
Young Adult

CNF:  Lovonian, a half-elf and half-dragon, is about to go through his rite of passage when tragedy strikes. His home is plundered. His father is murdered, and his mother goes missing. 

While the premise is sound - a half-dragon and a half-elf learning to make his way in the world - the novel is poorly written. From the very start, the reader will be reminded of Lord of the Rings and even the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz (the titans are made of similar material). Not only did it read like fan fiction, there were other reasons why reading could not be completed.

  • Too much head hopping – the narrative had more than one viewpoint causing confusion as to who is talking.
  • It is clear that there are two writers as the story’s flow is quite choppy.
  • Verb usage – there were several sentences where both present and past tense were used which detracts from reading.

A lot work still needs to go into writing this novel. It feels as though this was the first or second draft of the book. It is also suggested that if the authors would like to pursue making this a better novel, to deviate from using terms that are associated with established authors such as Tolkien’s Orcs or the characters whose description matches Legolas and Gimli.  There is still a lot of potential here to make it a novel that any adolescent entering adulthood can associate with.  However, like any adolescent, this novel needs to go through a lot of changes to become acceptable as a book worth reading.

M.P. Ceja/Belinda Wilson