Going Rogue


Heartbreak can happen when circumstances and misconceptions pull two people away from each other.


Set in Regency England where a woman must find a husband before she is classed an old maid, Derek and Meredith have loved each other all of their lives. Meredith is sent to London to become a member of the exclusive Ribbon set.  When Derek follows her to propose she spurns him. Heartbroken, Derek begins his life at sea, returning as a rich titled noble with a rogue’s reputation. Their accidental encounter years after brings back feelings thought long gone, forcing them to see the truth.


The push and pull of attraction between Meredith and Derek will make a reader swoon, and wish that they were whisked away by someone like Derek. This novel is sweet and feisty with the perfect amount of masculine arrogance, making it a very good read. There are just the right amount of steamy scenes to keep the story going. Derek’s vulnerability despite his rakish reputation makes him very human. Meredith’s metamorphosis to the very woman she refused to be at the start will make any reader feel for her and understand her reasons for doing so. The author also allows for secondary characters to contribute instead of just making them prop the story. Each of the characters introduced give the story more meat. No doubt one will feel annoyance for Meredith’s superficial aunt, Lady Cynthia Browning, and admiration for Meredith’s ward, Ophelia Marshall. Altogether an engaging and romantic read!


M.P. Ceja