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Skier Brynn Caley is ready to make the big leap:  to buy a sporting goods store and start her own outdoor skiing business. Unfortunately, the store she’s ready to buy catches the eye of fishing expert Gage Konewko, who wants it as well.

What's a Soulmate?

Libby Carmichael sees the world in black and white, along with every other person who has yet to find their soulmate. A lunch visit with her father at work brings her face to face with Andrew McCormack, a young man being booked into a juvenile detention center, and suddenly she can see color.

REGENCY:  Lady Natalie has been in love with Lord Christian St. Vella since she was a girl. When she sees him with her best friend, betrayal and heartbreak force her to act.

REGENCY:  Miss Prudence Drake didn't think a trip with her father on his merchant ship would end in disaster, but after being captured by pirates, her only wish is to return hom

Trapped ALONE

Gautier knows his relationship with Velsa has no future outside their roles as warlock and witch.