Caught Between Two Worlds


Finally, Veronica is on a plane that will take her to Egypt. She's been looking forward to this trip — unfortunately, Peter, her boyfriend of five years, is much less excited to see the sand, the Red Sea and feel the heat of the desert. Peter’s attitude is not going to ruin her trip, so she makes plans for a sunset horseback ride alone. Veronica meets up with another couple that she recognizes from the plane, also staying at the same hotel. The group of four plans a trip to the ruins and everything starts to unravel. Veronica does not remember much and the girls are separated from the men, being taken further into the desert by strangers with no explanation. Desperate to escape she jumps from the moving vehicle and another is close behind to secure her. What next? Who is after her?

“Caught Between Two Worlds” is an engaging read. Ms. Moonbridge writes in a fashion where readers will not want to put this novel down until the very end. The suspense mixed with Veronica’s sense of adventure is almost heart stopping. The Egyptian scenery and the various places visited are vividly drawn for readers. The supporting characters are a hoot and the sass with which Veronica handles them is well done. There are some missing pieces about Veronica's parents' meeting and who is taking revenge against her father, and the ending is slightly abrupt —possibly  for a series? Overall, a splendid read and an educational glimpse into the Muslim culture.

Viola Robins