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LGBTQ: While walking in St James Park, Xavier Lawrence, valet to Duke Selby, is dared by his friends to find a willing man for sexual gratification. Xavier is a bit apprehensive, but goes along with it and finds Alexander “Zander” Plushenko agreeable to pleasing him. Just as Xavier and Xander are kissing and touching each other passionately, they are caught by the police.

Mina Donovan, Legacy daughter, is a witch that someday will rule the Senate. Mina believes that her power to wield fire is sub-par. No matter how many times Mina practices to control her power, she is unable to truly harness it. Mina is used to comparing herself to her sisters—even in looks Mina can’t compete with her beautiful siblings.

LGBTQ: Hunter Dani Black wants to stop the necromancer Spectre because he killed her partner last year. Dani hears of a weapon that will destroy the Spectre, but she is not really sure how to obtain it. When Dani meets the talented Emilie Lockgrove, the attraction is instant.

Diane Morris is a senior agent with the Department of Intangible Assets who would prefer being transferred to a paper-pushing job. Instead, here she is in the field chasing after "tourists." Of course, these tourists are not from out of state—they're from an entirely different plane! After nearly losing her life, she discovers that her job isn't finished.

Emmeline Lockhart is engaged to an old, lecherous duke and despairs for her future. When a childhood friend, Lord Oliver Radcliff, offers her a marriage of convenience, she agrees despite his reputation as a rake. She is certain she can keep her heart safe. While Oliver is prepared to give Emmeline the protection of his name, he knows that he cannot afford to share more than that.