Ash: A Mythos Novel

Mark Jonathan

FANTASY: When Daniel “Dani” LaLaurie witnesses the death of his mother from cancer, he sees his father do something inexcusable. Ten years later, Daniel leaves with his sister, who also gives up her identity and becomes Jocelyn, his brother. Daniel can hide who they are with his magic because he is also a witch. Daniel runs to Calais, Maine and meets Haydee, who is working as a receptionist and part-time substitute teacher. As Daniel settles into life in a small town, he finds a job and discovers everyone in the town that he becomes close to also has a hidden agenda. Daniel must not only fight the evil that lurks in his family but against something that threatens his very life. The struggle between good versus evil is put on hold when Daniel must battle an even worse adversary, his health.

This book by Mr. Runte is an impressive foray, combining fantasy, myth and magic seamlessly! The action is nail-biting, the ever-moving plots are immersive, the settings glimmer with realism, and the three-dimensional characters pull the readers into their world. Calais doesn’t seem like such a pleasant place to visit; then again, if deities really are masquerading as humans, maybe it isn’t such a bad location after all. Daniel, the silent, stoic, courageous hero, is a marvelous protagonist! Yes, he has a lot on his plate with his family and his illness. Daniel really has impossible odds to beat and that is why he is so relatable. While Haydee and Jocelyn might be side characters, they are crucial to the story’s depth! A wonderfully poignant, stunning story that is so worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst