Thoroughly Captivated


It’s in the early nineteenth century and Captain War is busy making sure none of his men is left behind helpless as his battalion retreats from the battlefield near Erivan. Pulling them from the physical fires caused by their enemy’s cannons comes almost naturally. Mending all their scars and making his wounded men functional again is his second item in his list of priorities. That’s where the Graestone Castle comes in. It’s a different kind of castle; not a home for pretty princesses and a drool-worthy handsome prince, it’s a home for all scarred men, until a scarred lady comes to disrupt the normalcy. Who is this daring lady?

Yes, brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind story that will bring a different kind of glamour to life in a historical castle in a very engaging manner! The reader will appreciate how the dynamics of war impacted both men and women bringing forth a new breed of women, men, and children, whose bravery has no measure. How did women manage to run their homes after they lost their men to war? How did the society receive their wounded and mutilated men back from war? Did anyone bother to ensure the wellbeing of war orphans? “Thoroughly Captivated” unwraps the answers to all these questions. However, one question is bound to sit unanswered at a lonely corner in the reader’s mind: Other than keeping domestic animals well and healthy, what other careers did women actively engage in? Even so, the charming romance between the two lead characters turns all the lights on in the readers mind to illuminate every strand of the story, all the way to the last page.

JM Lareen