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The Hunted
C. J.

PARANORMAL:  In Aeston, Arizona, the locals have all heard the rumors about the man-eating Navajo monsters, the skin walkers. But Cassie is human and is just trying to figure out how to survive school with only her dad for support.

When life’s rollercoaster takes another dive, six friends rely on each other to navigate the turns in this final installment of the “Click” series.

The Quiet Kill

Loeb Cohen is a well-known author whose books sell by the thousands. However, he doesn’t have much respect for either himself or his writing.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The once mighty vampire, Titus Acilius, is no longer so mighty. Desolate and despondent, sitting on the island of St. Martin after World Wars III and IV, he ponders life in a post-apocalyptic world.

ROMANTIC COMEDY/CHICK-LIT:  Claire is a divorced thirty-something woman putting herself out in the dating world. She decides to only date middle-aged men who won’t want children, though, since she is infertile.