Destroyed by Lies


Tara Steffen is getting ready for her anniversary cruise when she receives news that her husband, Tom, has been in a car accident and is in critical condition - except he’s in Pennsylvania and Tara has no idea why. When she arrives in Pennsylvania, she is hit full force with her husband’s lies when she meets his other family, including another wife and child.  While Tom lies in a coma, Tara tries to sort out if there was a shred of truth to anything she shared with him, but the answers are few and far between.

This story strikes at the heart of every relationship…trust. Tara is blindsided by the enormity of the lie her husband has been living for so many years and it is easy to feel sympathy for her predicament. The author pulls the reader in with the full range of her characters’ emotions as they untangle the mess Tom has left behind, but the impact of the story is diluted as the author uses too many points of view to narrate the story. The characters also become inconsistent as the complex storyline unfolds, making it difficult for readers to stay engaged. However, the author has a solid writing style and tackles a complicated plot line with layers of lies---and the liars who told them---that are slowly peeled back. It is a unique take on the damage of secrets and with just a little polish, this author will be one to watch on the contemporary scene.

Kate Campbell