Road to Desire (Dogs of Fire MC #1)


MOTORCYCLE CLUB:  Danielle Harris is a good girl. A kindergarten teacher and the police chief’s daughter, she doesn’t do trouble and keeps bad boys at a good distance. When she finds herself in a spot of trouble, she’s rescued by the tall, sexy and dangerous Austin Carver. He’s the type of man she’s been warned to avoid, but there’s just something about him and she can’t keep away from him. Austin should know better than to get involved with the police chief’s daughter, but when she needs help, he’s definitely going to make sure no harm comes to her. No matter what it takes, he’s going to protect this woman he’s falling for and keep her safe.

Written from a first person perspective, Piper Davenport has delivered a fantastic biker romance story complete with hot erotic scenes and thrilling action sequences! Although the story is a little stereotypical with regards to the good girl getting together with the typical bad boy, it develops well. The writer has also shown that she has done her research with regards to Motorcycle Clubs and their rules and ranks which makes the book more enjoyable. Austin is sexy and will have readers fanning themselves and fantasizing about him. Given that this is book one in the Dogs of Fire series, this book is a great beginning and shows amazing promise!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick