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“For The Record” by K.A. Linde is the third book in The Record Series and is the continuation of Brady Maxwell and Liz Dougherty’s story. As an up and coming Congressman, Brady Maxwell lives his life in front of a camera where ever he goes.

SUSPENSE THRILLER:  “Spirited Away” by Angela Campbell is a fascinating paranormal/suspense/romance that is hauntingly believable, heartwarming, and dangerous all rolled up into a well-ordered package! Ms. Campbell created a maze of locations that sends her characters scrambling to understand while trying to keep themselves alive. That is where Ms.

WESTERN:  Colt O’Malley only wants to be left alone with the grief he feels over losing his brother Caleb. When someone drops off a beaten and battered female and claims that his dead brother sent her to work as his assistant, Colt almost loses control.

Dark Obsession

SUSPENSE-THRILLER/ OCCULT:  Ray Chavez happens upon a stranded motorist that will forever change his life. Lexie Solis has run from New York, finding herself on the side of the road, hungry, tired, and out of gas in Texas.

VICTORIAN:  Michael Drury, Viscount Weston, has fought hard to regain the integrity of his family name. Now he seeks to settle a business arrangement, by the name of marriage. Love is not a factor he believes belongs in marriage, so he denies that his fiancée is a royal witch.