Spare Me


A contemporary comedy like none other: bowling meets mobsters, monkeys, and machine guns! In this unique tale, three men compete to win a televised bowling tournament with a $100,000 prize, created after a shoe rental guy in an alley stops some Russian mobsters with guns from killing everyone when he throws one bowling ball. This event spawns a tale of mishaps and hijinks as Leonard attempts to use his newfound fame to further his bowling career. A sick and violent truck driver attempts to win the money to buy a new liver, and a bowling ball engineer tests out a self-aiming bowling ball all while secret agents from a bowling company attempt to track the engineer down, and a couple thugs try to stop the tournament from happening.

The oddest bowling story anyone will ever read, “Spare Me” is a barrel of laughs, bowling info, and spy-type action. The pace is fast but the point of view changes repeatedly, sometimes without warning, to cover all the different players in the story. Motivations are explained but often collide in this unique tale which makes for hilarious circumstances and events. For the most part the people are the kind that one expects to meet on the street, but throw in a bowling-loving monkey and the whole story becomes a comedy that readers will either love or hate. It’s a wonderful break from the usual contemporary genre!

Sarah E. Bradley