Alien Contact For Kid Sisters


SCI-FI:  When her famous older sister became queen of Kwadra Island, Marianne felt more trapped than ever as the lesser of the two. With secrets threatening to strangle her, being shoved into hiding in the underground tunnels when rebels attack feels like just more proof that she is useless. When scam artist Quinn enters the tunnels and is mistaken as the Royal Guardian Marianne is waiting for, he plays along while he decides whether to kidnap her as everyone would expect him to, or be the man he wants to be and protect her. With love brewing, a feisty child needing their protection, and rebels on their heels, Quinn and Marianne will have to think quickly to stay ahead of their pursuers and survive.


An unusual science fiction romance, “Alien Contact for Kid Sister” is an adventure and story of growth all in one. Neither Quinn nor Marianne believe in themselves very much at the start. They struggle under the perception of others. Marianne in particular is constantly compared to her older sister by others and herself. Yet by the end of the book both of them have grown as individuals and get past the whiney, confused, and indecisive people they began as with a few loose ends. The detail of the Kwadrans everyday life is interesting and the side characters add a great deal to the story sometimes in both sad moments and others times provoking laughter. A great - if quirky - read!


Sarah E. Bradley