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Reed McNamara married Ashley when they discovered she was pregnant, and although they have a great relationship, love isn't a major factor. Still, he knows he did the honorable thing, so when Ashley miscarries they're left wondering if a marriage without love is worth hangin

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Kenton le Bec, the attack dog of the Earl of Warwick, is sent on direct orders to capture and control Babylon castle, an important fortress for King Henry in the fight against King Edward IV for the throne. Upon seizing the castle Kenton discovers that the mis

GOTHIC:  Ten years after the death of her husband, Karen reluctantly goes back to Maine with her new husband, Dex, and her 18 year-old twins, Sophie and Terri. Having grown up there, Dex only left for California because of Karen and he’s excited to see friends and fish in his home waters.

Every week Courtney has lunch with her brother, Eric. When their dad died, he took over the company and though that part of life is going well, their mother isn’t. Mom is still hovering over Courtney and forcing her out on dates and Courtney wishes her brother would do more to run interference.

Melodie is a mortifyingly timid children’s librarian who has just lost her best friend, Tom, in Afghanistan. They had an agreement to marry each other if they both hit 30 and were still single.