Walls of Babylon (de Wolfe Pack #5)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Kenton le Bec, the attack dog of the Earl of Warwick, is sent on direct orders to capture and control Babylon castle, an important fortress for King Henry in the fight against King Edward IV for the throne. Upon seizing the castle Kenton discovers that the mistress of Babylon, Lady Nicola Aubrey Thorne is a force to be reckoned with. While trying to maintain control of both Nicola and the castle becomes more than he bargained for, falling in love is definitely not part of the original plan. When he is captured and held prisoner Nicola knows in her heart she is willing to give up everything to secure his safety, but is she too late to make true love prevail?


Kenton is a fierce knight whose reputation precedes him, yet one can't help but admire how he opens up slowly to show a tender side. Nicola is strong, independent and determined making her a survivor and an admirable heroine. There is such fire between Kenton and Nicola that their magnetic connection is evident from the moment they meet and it is delightful to watch as they wear down each other's defenses like a chess match. Medieval life and battle procedures in abundance are interesting while the author introduces a cast of great characters that make it easy to get wrapped up in the history and drama. It would have been the perfect read if Ms. LeVeque would have allowed readers that final look into their HEA. Still, it's just the kind of story that keeps readers infatuated with knights in shining armor and historical romances all around!


Margaret Faria