A Love Worth Saving (Forever Yours #2)


Reed McNamara married Ashley when they discovered she was pregnant, and although they have a great relationship, love isn't a major factor. Still, he knows he did the honorable thing, so when Ashley miscarries they're left wondering if a marriage without love is worth hanging onto. Ashley's dream of going to law school was set aside which only adds more seeds of doubt. When Reed continues to show no real love for her, she knows she will be better off without him, yet her heart isn't completely convinced. Reed wonders how he had the most amazing woman as his wife yet he just let her get away. More importantly, he wonders what must he do to win her back.


Reed and Ashley have such strength individually yet together as a couple lack emotional conviction, which makes them an unconvincing couple. Reed has a certain amount of charm and sex appeal with even his faults, which adds an honest likeability. Ashley shares in these qualities in equal amounts but makes decisions that seem rash at times and encumber the overall situation and relationship with Reed. The dynamics of this relationship are hard to imagine, and while reading one is often reminded how they are not in love rather than having the opportunity to hope for such a conclusion. Their story has some unique features but is still a typical type of romance. For those who enjoy a read with that familiar template, however, it is a pleasant choice.


Margaret Faria