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“Andy” McNeilly is a Carus, SRD Agent that gets tricked into being blood-bonded with the Vampire Master Lucien so that he can have more control of her.

EPIC FANTASY:  It’s 1811 and England is on the precipice of major change. But is it change for the better or worse? Persephone Fury has been different all her life, even among those Magi who are unusual to Ordinary London.

All Fay Olwen has ever known is duty and service to the Collegium, and she’s done her considerable best to honor her commitments.

Alessandra Castillo has recently separated from the Army. She had a civilian job for two months, and then it was eliminated.


PARANORMAL:  Anastasia is a troubled teen, and she has just gotten into trouble for the last time. Her mother has sent her to Cedar Falls to live with her grandparents, and Anastasia is less than thrilled, thinking that the town is a sleepy little place where nothing happens.