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If Only

Demi Glenn has been having premonitions concerning her oldest daughter. The problem is that Demi gave up her firstborn for adoption while she was in high school. Unable to track Renee on her own, and after two other detectives fail to find her, Demi turns to her last resort: Renee’s father, Demi’s high school sweetheart.

Kendra Murdoch is in trouble. Left to raise her nephew and two nieces after her sister is murdered by her husband, Kendra must protect the children from their father and run a café in Radford Crossing to support her family.

COMEDY:  Abby Anderson is struggling to balance her day job with her dream job. Running her belly dance studio requires money she doesn’t have, which means working at an office during the day.

NEW ADULT:  After her boyfriend of four years dumps her for his career, Mya is determined to never let a man treat her like that again. That is until her best friend wins tickets to the Hunting Winchester concert in a radio contest.

Sky Dance

HISTORICAL:  With the Civil War and Sioux uprising in full swing, Dawson and Rory Finch face more hardship in this sequel to “Sky Tinted Water”.