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Shifting Sands
Kathi Oram

Gloryanna Griffin is a Marine Biology student in pursuit of a scholarship so she can finish her degree and pursue her dream of saving the ocean. But when she goes on a dive with her mentor and her ex-boyfriend, who is vying for the same scholarship, everything suddenly goes wrong. Gloryanna is swept into a vortex when her tank suddenly runs out of air.

Lady Marianna (Anna) Ravencroft is surprised when Captain Fraser Castleton, lately Duke of Willbury, walks into the lending library with his friend, Barrington. He is home in Sommer-by-the-Sea after returning from the Napoleonic wars. She has not seen him since before he left some ten years before. They take up as best friends, just as they were before he left.

Victoria Leighton has seen few people in the year she has been widowed. Left with an almost insurmountable debt, she has struggled to find ways to provide income and stay out of debtor’s prison. Wracked with emotional scars left from her late husband, Victoria is afraid no one will even notice if she’s gone – until the day an equally scarred man arrives at her door.

TIME TRAVEL: When Ellie Hartford, a divorced American Middle English professor, and her two daughters traveled to England to visit old friends, she had no idea of the adventure that awaited her! First is meeting Harry, a very handsome neighbor, then having her ex-boyfriend, John, show up at the house in manacles, bruised and bleeding!

HISTORICAL: When Lady Victoria Crawley left London to live with her grandmother, she had no idea danger would follow! While walking home one evening, she finds a man who’s been shot and is in desperate need of help. That man turns out to be Hunter Willowbrook, heir to a Dukedom and grandson of a dear friend of Victoria’s family.